The Absolute Best Case for the Nexus 5x

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Having the diztronic case for the Nexus 5 for almost a year now, I feel like I have enough experience to say that it’s a very high quality and probably the best available case for the Nexus 5x. The main … Read More

The Best Looking Aluminum 4-Port USB-A 3.0 Hub

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Aesthetics can be just as important as performance when it comes to consumer electronics. I decided to give this USB hub a go almost a year ago because it was a 3.0 hub and looked amazing in its aluminum chassis. … Read More

The Best USB-C Car Charger

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USB-C is new to the market and that’s why accessories can be limited and very expensive. When looking for a good USB-C car charger, I was looking for something affordable, yet high quality. I stumbled upon this USB-C car charger … Read More