Total Video Converter Pro – A Video Converter with Tons of Features

I’ve been actually looking for a video converter for days that supported some advanced features. Total Video Converter Pro supports many file formats and has profiles configured for many devices such as the iPod, Xbox 360, PSP and more. Total Video Converter even has advanced options for those who want to tweak the video to their preference but remains easy to use.

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Automatically Trace and Vectorize Your Bitmap Images with Super Vectorizer

Manually tracing images can be very time-consuming and frustrating. There are several good auto-tracing utilities that either cost hundreds of dollars or are very limited and produce primitive results. I decided to keep searching until I found an Super Vectorizer in the Mac App Store. I was spectacle at first since it wasn’t that expensive and had tons of features. However, I decided to give it a try; I’m glad I did.

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Make Your PNGs Smaller with TinyPNG

It’s always important to have small especially on a webpage where image size plays a role in webpage speed and SEO. TinyPNG is easy-to-use tool that crunches your PNG files without compromising quality and transparency. The best part about it is that TinyPNG is FREE! Therefore, you won’t have to pay I order to use their service that could potentially save you bandwidth and disk-space.

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Google’s Free Standard Definition Movie for the Holidays – Elf

Google Play is giving out a free movie for the Holidays, Elf. Its only available for free in Standard Definition. Elf in High Definition will end up costing you money (which is also at a discounted price $4,99), however as I said Standard Definition is free.

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Debugle – the Best Free Issue Tracker

Recently I’ve been looking for an issue tracker. I couldn’t seem to find a good one since most of them were too complicated, costed to much or were too limited. After looking for a while I came across the perfect issue tracker, Debugle.

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How to Fix Scrolling Issue on OSX Mavericks

The new version of OSX, Mavericks, seems to come with scrolling issues. After several attempts of fixing the issue by myself by changing the settings and resetting the PRAM, I decided to contact Apple support.  Sure enough, Apple helped me resolve the issue by resetting the SMC.

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YouTube’s Down Right Now

As of right now, YouTube is down for a range of users. As users try to access the site, they are receiving a “500 Internal Server Error”. The outage appeared around 4PM central time and there are not signs of maintenance from YouTube. For a temporary fix you can visit an international YouTube site such as