Zorin OS 7 and Linux Mint 15 MATE Comparison

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The battle between Linux operating systems is getting heated as more and more new Linux distributions are popping up every month. Even existing Linux distributions are being improved at an unprecedented rate.  All these improvements are causing a lot interests in Linux and people are always in search of better distributions. As requested by a TechDigy subscriber on YouTube, I’m going to compare Zorin OS 7 and Linux Mint 15.


Both installations have a similar install process. If there wasn’t a different I wouldn’t have been able to tell them apart. Zorin had a clear option to directly start the installer which didn’t work. Its live CD mode didn’t work as well until I unplugged my generic wireless mouse receiver. Not only was I having  problems because of the USB receiver, Zorin took much longer to install than Linux Mint.


Linux Mint 15 MATE installation
Linux Mint 15 MATE installation
Zorin os Installation 7
Linux Mint 15 MATE installation

Even though Zorin’s installation looked nicer, you could easily tell that they just added some extra effects on top of the standard installer which did the job just as good. Unlike Zorin, Linux Mint didn’t seem to have problems preventing me from installing such as my USB receiver.

Ease Of Use/Appearance

Out of the box, Zorin is more customized and its interface is very similar to Windows 7’s. Even the start menu in Zorin OS 7 is modified to look like the one in Windows. Zorin also comes with Compiz Settings Manager. Compiz Settings Manager allows you to further customize Zorin by adding many features such as Wobbly Windows or the Desktop Cube. Compiz Settings Manager can be installed on Linux Mint. The final edge Zorin has is that you can switch its appearance to look like different versions of Windows. After all, Zorin is built to target users who are switching to Linux from Windows. The only thing I like more about Linux Mint in terms of Appearance is the brushed metal background on the start menu.


Linux Mint 15 MATE Start Menu
Linux Mint 15 MATE Start Menu
Zorin OS 7 Menu
Zorin OS 7 Menu

Zorin OS wins this category because it looks and feels more solid.


Theoretically you can install the same native applications on both operating systems since they are biased off Ubuntu. You can install .deb files on both operating system. Both operating systems have a software center with the basic apps. Unlike Linux Mint, Zorin OS 7 comes pre-installed with WINE. Even though it’s fairly easy to install WINE, it’s a nice feature to have it already installed. For those of you who don’t know, WINE allows you to run many Windows applications on Linux. Both operating systems come with the basic utilities. One minor difference I spotted is that Zorin comes with Chrome while Linux Mint’s default browser is Firefox.


Linux Mint 15 MATE Software Manager
Linux Mint 15 MATE Software Manager
Zorin OS 7 Software Center 64bit
Zorin OS 7 Software Center

Zorin OS wins this category because it comes with applications that seem to be more popular and it comes WINE which will allow users to install many Windows applications out of the box.


Both operating systems have the same compatibility. Even though WINE can be easily installed on Linux Mint, Zorin made things easier for new Linux users since it comes with WINE already installed.



Both feel great. Zorin feels more fluent overall, but it has lagged a couple of times. So has Mint.



The benchmark. It’s what most of you probably came for. I originally thought they were going to have very similar results. However, that wasn’t the case in some of the tests.

  Zorin OS 7 64bit Linux Mint 15 64bit
Boot Up Time (Seconds) 33.3 33.1
Shutdown Time (Seconds) 14.7 5.97
Drive Access Time (Milliseconds) 0.17 0.15
Average Read Speed (MB/s) 277.9 279.3


Zorin OS 7 Hard Drive Benchmark
Zorin OS 7 Hard Drive Benchmark

Linux Mint 15 wins this category. I would say that they tied in drive access time  average read speed since the results are too close to call.


Both operating systems have a decent amount of support. Linux Mint has a larger community than Zorin. In addition, Linux Mint users seem contribute much more to help others.  Both operating systems have support forums. However, Zorin’s premium support costs money.

Linux Mint defiantly wins this category. I have had a better personal experience with Linux Mint support communities.

Which One Is Right For You

Both are great. Zorin eases the transition from Windows from Linux. However, Linux Mint is one of the most popular Linux Operating Systems. Your choice. They’re both very similar and can do almost the same thing. It’s mostly a matter of personal taste.


? Did you know Linux Mint 15 XFCE has been released  ?

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