The Best Looking Aluminum 4-Port USB-A 3.0 Hub

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Aesthetics can be just as important as performance when it comes to consumer electronics. I decided to give this USB hub a go almost a year ago because it was a 3.0 hub and looked amazing in its aluminum chassis. After one year of using the hub for almost everyday now, I’ve went through all the nooks and crannies to find out if this hub performans just as good as it looks.


After using it for a year, I can confirm that this is genuinely a good looking USB hub. And after using it with multiple USB 3.0 flash drives consecutively, it still managed to max out the transfer rates on all the drives while transferring files between them simultaneously.


USB 3.0 Port and LED Indicator

Before getting into the technical specs of the drive, its biggest selling points is that it is made of aluminum that is brushed in the same way a macbook is, is compatible with macOS, and is USB 3.0. The most important of these three to anyone should be its USB 3.0 compatibility, allowing it to transfer data at very high speeds. Having gotten using to the USB 3.0 data transfer speeds myself, I find it hard when I’m limited to USB 2.0 speeds because of the port. It must be understood that just because you have a USB 3.0 flash or hard drive, you still need everything across the chain (i.e. hubs and the actually USB port itself) to be USB 3.0. If one of those devices isn’t compatible with USB 3.0, you will be limited to USB 2.0 transfer rates. So, all that being said and the fact that USB 3.0 is catching on pretty rapidly, I definitely wanted to be ready for the future by pitching in a few extra dollars and getting myself a USB 3.0 hub.

Hub Side View


Now I’ve been using the 1byone 4-Port SuperSpeed USB 3.0 hub for more than a year now and am highly glad that I made the purchase. First off, it just looks aesthetically pleasing. The hub comes in an aluminum body which is brushed and perfectly matches Apple’s Mac devices. Secondly, the theme continues onto the sides where 1byone chose to continue with the Apple Mac accessory theme by adding a different tone of metal that is brushed in kind of a circular motion and finally, the hub has a built in USB cable that connects to your computer or laptop. Now what surprised me is that my hub came, which I ordered from Amazon, included a velcro kit that allowed me to optionally mount it wherever I wanted. I chose to mount it below my monitor which ended up looking amazing and was a very convenient area to access my peripherals. After have kept the USB hub in the same place using the velcro strip that comes along in the same box, I can confirm that it holds up when inserting and removing usb devices from the hub and feels like it’s not going anywhere soon.


1byone USB Hub Sitting Under 28″ a Monitor

Now for the important part, the performance. The hub definitely lived up to my expectations as for a year I had 4 devices plugged into at once and was able to transfer data at very high speeds. Unfortunately, I can’t provide any tests for the hub since the data speeds also depend on the media that I’m transferring it too. Different USB drives come with slightly different speeds so measuring speed wouldn’t be a good measurement for this hub’s performance. However, I can say that after using the hub for more than a year now, I’ve been able to transfer my data at my USB drives’ maximum capable speeds. Also a plus is that it’s compatible with macOS, in fact I’m using it now on macOS Sierra. One thing I would like to note about this USB drive, is that there are two pairs of USB ports that are always facing away from each other. So if you have it in a setup like I do where two of the USB ports are facing towards you all the time, if you plug an RF receiver for your mouse on one of the ports facing away from you, the aluminium body of the hub might block signal occasionally from your mouse and keyboard. So I found it best to plug the RF receiver in the side that is facing your mouse and keyboard.


If you’re at all interested in this USB hub, you can purchase it or check out its specifications and reviews on Amazon here.

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