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USB-C is new to the market and that’s why accessories can be limited and very expensive. When looking for a good USB-C car charger, I was looking for something affordable, yet high quality. I stumbled upon this USB-C car charger by a company called JETech. At right under 10$, it was definitely worth a try and I ended testing one myself to see if it lived up to the good reviews.

Nexus 5X Charging Rapidly with the JETech Charger


The thing that interested me most with this charger, besides the fact that it has a traditional USB port, is that it claims it can charge up to 3A using the built in 3ft. USB-C cable which means it will rapidly charge my Nexus 5X. So testing the device, it does in fact show up as “Rapidly Charging” my device.


I also went ahead and did some more technical tests, and compared how much current my phone would draw using the JETech USB-C car charger compared to the LG USB-C charger that came with my Nexus 5X. Using the Ampere app I found out that my phone (50% battery at the time) was charging at 1720mA which was impressive.

Charging Using the JETech Charger
Charging Using the OEM LG Nexus 5X Charger


The LG USB-C charger that came with my phone still charged at a slightly greater current but I was still highly impressed with the JETech USB-C car charger and would highly recommend it. Not only did I find it to be the best USB car charger that I have tried so far, but it also is one of the cheapest at right under $10.

If you are at all interested in purchasing the JETech charger, you can do so from the provided amazon link, here.


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    nice! I’ve also been looking for a usb C charger for my car, gonna try this one, thanks for the review!

    • Andre Yonadam
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      Sure! Thanks for stopping by Techdigy.

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